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Lee Rhodes – Quantum

When we’re selling insurance to a client, we’re making them a promise. For over ten years now, Chubb has delivered on its promises.

Masterpiece is a great brand with great products and outstanding people. The claims service has been the heartbeat running through it for the past twenty years.

Matthew Mullee – La Playa

While other providers may have had peaks and troughs over the years, Chubb has always delivered. It just does things very well.

Mr J Stewart – NPA

Masterpiece has innovated and led over the years, offering a level of cover that clients probably don’t expect to have. There’s certainty, peace of mind and trust that comes with Chubb insurance.

Ms M Burns – Profile

I do have some clients who say I only want to be with Chubb. I personally would only want to be with Chubb – I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Mr N Brunt – client

They work with you to get the right cover. I can ring up and change things very easily. It’s very versatile. The appraiser gave good advice – I changed some things on the alarm system and the hinge locks on my doors. She was really involved, and I got as much out of it as she did.

Mr Hassan - client

There aren’t many insurers that would take on my portfolio, with the car collection and property, but Chubb just do it.


Best personal insurer
Winner: 8 times since 2000 Insurance Times Industry Awards

Best claims service
Winner: 6 times since 2006 Insurance Times Broker Survey

Best high-net-worth insurer
Winner: 2015 Private Asset Management Awards

Claims service
Ranked #1 for claims in the 2016/17 Insurance Times Broker Service Survey