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As pioneers of using in-house appraisers to help clients establish the value of their property, and mitigate the risk of loss, our appraisal service is a key reason why owners of fine homes and high value possessions around the world choose Chubb.

With over 2,000 appraisals completed every year in the UK and Ireland, we find that at least 50% of homes that we initially visit are under-insured. Unlike most insurers, we won't leave you to guess the value of your home and contents.

Instead, we thoroughly appraise your property and valuables, resulting in complete peace of mind.

Why do we do it?

Our aim is to determine the accurate cost to repair or rebuild your home should it be severely damaged, and therefore assess the amount of cover you need. As well as carrying out a specialist valuation of your property, we offer guidance on an appropriate sum insured for contents, including fine art, jewellery and other valuable collections. We also appraise car collections worth over £2 million.

In addition, we suggest ways to reduce damage or loss by way of a comprehensive risk assessment.

  • Our expert risk consultants use sophisticated technology including thermo-imaging to spot potential risks that otherwise may have been missed, for example, a concealed pipe that is leaking or a potential electrical fault. 
  • We work with our clients to define a contingency plan to minimise the potential for disaster.
  • Agreeing accurate sums insured for buildings, valuables and car collections is crucial to ensuring claims are settled quickly and fairly.
  • By identifying potential risks early, we can work with you to reduce them or mitigate them altogether. 
  • We take a creative approach to assessing risk and have even worked with emergency services to resolve an issue with accessing key services at a £6.5 million property.
  • Insuring your home, contents and other valuable possessions for the right amount is crucial. Calculating the correct sums insured will mean you’re paying the right premium, but more importantly you will receive the most appropriate financial settlement should you need to make a claim.
  • Some insurers will expect you to calculate the various rebuild and replace costs. And If you own a listed building, English Heritage or other parties can legally enforce you to fully restore your property, whatever the financial cost to you.
  • Once your home is appraised, we aim to provide "extended replacement cost" for your buildings cover. This means that we will pay the full amount to rebuild your home, whatever the cost , so you can restore your home's features with like-for-like quality. This means that we will pay the full amount to rebuild your home, whatever the cost (except for a few unusual buildings), so you can restore your home's features with like-for-like quality.

How does it work?

When you purchase a Chubb Masterpiece policy, we will arrange a personal home appraisal free of charge. Our experienced risk consultants have a variety of backgrounds, including architecture, surveying and fine art.

Each has been trained to assess the architectural features of unique homes and the consultant will examine your home inside and out. They estimate the replacement value of all features and take into account rarity of materials, unique design features and the need for skilled craftsmanship.

This in-depth process can take a few hours, however for larger properties with complex risks, the appraisal can take up three days. Afterwards, you will receive an appraisal report that may include photographs of key features. The risk consultant will then guide you through the next steps and may recommend introducing specialist third parties to address specific or complex issues.

Chubb’s appraisal service in action

A Chubb client lived in a grade II listed 17th Century timberframe farm house. The Chubb appraiser determined the rebuild cost to be £1.7m , which meant the client had been under-insured by £200,000 under their previous policy. Because the building was listed, the client would have had to cover the difference in building something similar due to not having an adequate sum insured. The revised building sum insured meant the client had the right level of cover and a more suitable policy.

Arrange an appraisal

We have a dedicated appraisal booking team on hand to help arrange your appraisal visit. The team will contact you or your broker directly to arrange an appraisal visit, however if you need to speak to someone about your booking or any aspect of our appraisal service, please contact a member of the team:

Rebecca Cambridge – 0203 964 3112
Nick Walden – 0203 964 3272
Kate Scotkova – 0203 964 3112

Alternatively, contact the team via email


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