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Products on Chubb Ignite

Business Computer Insurance

Computer equipment and software are vital to the running of almost every business operating today. However, they are also vulnerable to disasters that can seriously threaten the financial livelihood of a business.

Business Class Bespoke Injury & Travel

Chubb Business Class has been designed for specifically to help companies take care of their travelling employees and provides comprehensive cover, 24/7 assistance and innovative digital solutions for employees who travel for business.

Chubb Environmental Liability

Chubb Environmental Liability Insurance for brokers offers clients protection that is broad, flexible and affordable.  We cover risks arising from a client’s entire business operation, whether undertaken at their own premises or at a third-party location.

Chubb Excess Liability

Chubb provides follow-form and drop-down excess public and products liability insurance, giving a business valuable top-up cover to it’s primary layer, ensuring your clients have sufficient cover.

For companies of any size, topping up with excess cover is quick and easy with Chubb. 

Chubb Marine Cargo

Chubb Online Marine Cargo Insurance offers cover for clients with goods in transit.  Our broad Marine Cargo appetite accommodates most trade sectors affording cover for goods being shipped worldwide subject to sanctions and country legislation.

Forefront Management Liability

Our Chubb Forefront product is designed to offer broad and flexible protection for management liability risks faced by UK domiciled private entities, with annual turnover up to £250m.  Our Forefront Management Liability Insurance for brokers ensures your clients have sufficient cover whatever the size of business.

ForeFront for Charities and Non-Profit Organisations

The ForeFront for Charities and Non-Profit Organisations policy is for charities and non-profit organisations domiciled in the United Kingdom with turnover less than £25m.

Residential D&O

Our Forefront Residents’ Association Management Insurance Policy package is available exclusively on Chubb Ignite. The policy protects residents’ associations, resident association companies and their management executive against legal actions they may face during the course of their activities.

Cyber Risk Management (ERM)

Chubb’s Cyber ERM Version 2 builds on the strengths of Chubb’s Cyber ERM wording and protects against disasters such as loss of availability, data breaches, data corruption, ransomware and online media events covering both third-party liability and first-party losses from malicious acts or negligence.

Contact - Chubb eTrade

Diane Davidson
Head of eBroking
T: +44 121 234 1118
M: +44 7766 994351

Penny Grainge
eBroking Development Executive
M: +44 7833 255199

Paul Smith
E Broking Manager, National Underwriting Centre
M: +44 7718 961254