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Personal injury insurance provides a financial benefit to the policyholder if an insured person suffers bodily injury or death as a result of an accident.

Comprehensive and flexible cover enables brokers to tailor cover to suit the business needs.

  • Bespoke injury allows cover to be arranged on a wage roll basis, fixed sum insured or a combination depending on the business requirements.
  • Workplace injury – choose between 24 hour and occupational only cover for directors, key employees or any staff member. Levels of benefits are also flexible.
  • Directors injury – covers key personnel 24 hours a day worldwide and offers high levels of benefit. Additional assistance services including counselling, legal and medical advice are also offered.
  • Business express – packaged with travel insurance this option offers greatest flexibility. Benefits and operative times enable businesses to arrange cover for a number of categories.

Product Benefits

  • Quote on-line in minutes using Chubb Online
  • Policy documentation issued on-line ensuring contract certainty
  • High flexibility means cover can be tailored to multinational or SME clients
  • Comprehensive cover includes hospitalisation and convalescence benefits
  • Cover can be combined with travel benefits to create a complete injury and travel programme

Case Studies

Lump sum paid to company and family of director fatally injured in accident   

A director and staff member of a family-owned business suffered a fatal accident at work. The PA insurance purchased by the company provided a timely and substantial lump sum to the company and family and covered funeral expenses and counselling services. The payment assisted in the avoidance of an EL claim against the company.    

Injured employee receives disability and hospitalisation benefit

A key employee of a small business was involved in a serious accident. The injuries sustained resulted in the PA policy paying out substantial benefits for disability, hospitalisation, convalescence, retraining and temporary staff provision. Although the benefits were payable to the policyholder the company passed them on to the employee who now works at the company in a clerical capacity.

Company receives payment to cover temporary replacement driver

A company purchased Occupational PA cover for its delivery drivers. When one of the drivers was involved in a serious road accident the policy provided a weekly benefit to the company in order for them to secure a temporary replacement driver during the period of absence.

The examples of claims or situations on this site do not imply that similar circumstances would constitute a valid claim. Each claim is reviewed individually in accordance with the specific policy wording.