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Chubb Risk Appetite

Chubb Appetite Risk App

We understand that knowing where our risk appetite lies is important when you are designing insurance programmes for your clients.

The Chubb Risk Appetite App provides a quick, simple and handy guide to help you understand exactly this.

A wide scope

The App shows information across 19 product lines and 45 industry sectors for Chubb's UKI business, and 13 product lines for business placed via our Global Markets division. 

The information is constantly reviewed and updated, meaning new product lines and industry sectors are being added all the time.

Clear categories

The App gives you a specific and clear overview of what areas of risk we are best suited to writing by sorting  them into 3 clear categories:

• Preferred – areas of risk where we have exceptional strength and expertise.

• Standard – areas which we consider to be within our usual and broad appetite.

• Restricted – areas where we are more cautious because of the risk level or our own portfolio.

You can search our risk appetite by product or industry type.

There is also a contact feature, so you can quickly find the details for relevant Chubb contacts, and an enquiry form meaning you can email the Chubb UK mailbox directly through the app.

Download now 

Click on the relevant icon below to be taken to the store where you can download the app directly onto your phone or tablet.