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CGM Fine Art and Specie Insurance

  • Chubb Global Markets provides fine art and specie insurance protection for a diverse range of clients and interests;
  • Cover is often tailored to individual risk types and can include a variety of different extensions where appropriate;
  • Chubb Global Markets has highly experienced specie underwriters and a specialist claims team able to adjust complex claims that can arise from interests of this type.

We provide insurance cover for companies or private individuals for valuable, unique or difficult to replace objects such as fine art, collectibles, cash and bullion, diamonds and precious metals, rare documents, stamps and coins.  Bespoke insurance cover can be designed for items whilst in storage, transit or on display which can be enhanced with specialist extensions in cover such as infidelity, mysterious disappearance and defective title.

Typical businesses catered for are:

  • Museums, galleries and exhibition organisers
  • Private or corporate art, jewellery or other collectables
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Armoured car and cash logistics operations
  • Wholesale and retail jewellers, pawnbrokers, check cashers, exchange houses
  • Fashion houses
  • Mining companies and refiners

Product Highlights

  • Underwriting Team with a diverse worldwide portfolio of risks and extensive experience in all relevant classes
  • Bespoke wordings crafted for specific client requirements
  • Market leading capacity available per risk
  • Global network distribution supported by Chubb Global Markets’ London based expertise
  • Bespoke multinational or single local policy capabilit
  • Highly experienced, flexible and service focused underwriting and claims teams


  • Worldwide physical loss or damage while in transit, in storage or on display
  • Extensions can be provided for specific risks including infidelity, mysterious disappearance and defective title

Contact us

Jason Roe
Product Head Fine Art & Specie
+44 (0) 207 173 7678

Mike Southgate
Deputy Specie Underwriter
+44 (0) 207 173 7681

Symon Bowdler
Specie Underwriter
+44 (0) 207 173 5085

Amelia Hinds
Specie Underwriter
+44 (0) 734 202 9801