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Businesses in the energy sector operate in the riskiest environment imaginable. Energy companies depend on complex infrastructure, often sited in inhospitable locations and must run safely around the clock. Today’s energy companies are acutely aware of their duty of care to the environment, their customers and their investors. From a property, liability and business continuity point of view, reliable and responsive insurance cover is essential. Chubb Global Markets is a leading insurer of upstream and downstream energy. Our experienced underwriters design bespoke solutions that closely match your unique risk profile, whether local or international.

Chubb covers all aspects of upstream and downstream energy operations, from complex crude oil refining to the transportation and storage of oil, gas and petrochemicals. In addition Chubb Global Markets offer solutions for the non-hydrocarbon bio-fuels, chemical, pulp & paper (where black liquor recovery boilers) and the hydrogen industry.

Our standard onshore coverage includes property damage, machinery breakdown, catastrophe and business interruption; our offshore insurance products include property, control of well, liability and business interruption. As well as offering highly rated Lloyd’s insurance coverage for risk transfer, Chubb’s engineering risk assessment capabilities help clients to manage their risks more effectively. Sophisticated catastrophe modelling and actuarial analysis resources ensure high quality and consistent underwriting standards through market cycles.

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Andrew Brown
Head of Energy, Chubb Global Markets

Matthew Bilbey
Chief Underwriting Officer (Energy), Chubb Global Markets

Melanie Markwick-Day
Head of Upstream & Offshore Renewables, Chubb Global Markets

Adam Groves
Head of Downstream, Chubb Global Markets