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The long-term impacts of a global pandemic. Instability, uncertainty, and a tendency to hoard resources. A hardening insurance market with more competition on cost from new providers and digital disruptors.

Clients have never wanted more from their insurance brokers, making it harder than ever for you to succeed. So as they shift their focus to stability, survival, and the future, you need to ensure conversations go far beyond price, to focus on the value you bring.

In these uncertain times and challenging conditions, Chubb is here to support you and your business, and equip you with the insights and tools you need to stay a step ahead.

The headlines from our research

Chubb surveyed over 3,000 business and consumer prospects in 15 countries, to find out exactly what's keeping them up at night in today's uncertain market. Here are just a few of the headlines.


are more price-sensitive than they were before the pandemic.


would still be willing to pay more for insurance if someone proactively assessed their vulnerability. 


want brokers to empathise and see problems from their perspective.


are open to speaking to experts and advisors to reduce uncertainty.


place more importance on the quality of their coverage than two years ago.

The experts' opinion

Get inspired by our virtual sales training session with Paul Reilly, where we give you all the tools you need to make the most of our research, and answer any questions you might have.


Missed our live webinar? You can still dive into the conversation with our virtual sales training session recording. Learn how to use the right tactics to build stronger client relationships, and get the results you want.







Introduction by Hannah Hosking, Head of Distribution – Independent Brokers UK&I, Chubb. Featured speaker:  Paul Reilly, President, Reilly Training.  Author of Value-Added Selling and Selling Through Tough Times.

See the full picture

Download the quick reference guide to get an overview of how businesses and consumers are thinking, and what’s impacting their buying behaviour..

Quick-reference guide

The highlights of our research and survey results, at a glance. 



UK-specific insights

An in-depth look at our results from the UK and what they mean for you


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