Employers' Liability Tracing Office
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Employers' Liability Tracing Office

  • The Employers’ Liability Tracing Office (ELTO) is an independent body which was formed by the insurance industry in order to pro-actively help potential claimants find their Employers’ Liability insurer when they have suffered injury or disease. Some injuries or illnesses can take many years to manifest themselves, so this is especially relevant where a company has ceased trading or there is no immediately obvious point of contact to advise of the insurer for a specific insurance cover period.
  • Central to the process is the Employers' Liability Database (ELD). By collating information on employers’ liability insurance policies in the central database, ELTO will improve the effectiveness of finding the correct employers’ liability insurer in the event of a claim. The database enables claimants, claimants lawyers, employers, brokers, insurers and defendant lawyers to use the search facility where there is a specific claim in question.
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How does this affect businesses?

If you have an employers’ liability insurance policy, your insurer will need to request some additional information from you. Supplying this information will be mandatory, so your insurer will not be able to continue to insure your business without it. This information will then be entered on the ELD.

What information do you need to supply?

Employer Reference Number (ERN)
All employers are given a unique ERN by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) when they register as an employer. This reference is sometimes also referred to as the Employers PAYE reference. It usually takes the form of a 3 digit number HMRC office number followed by a reference number unique to your business. It appears on most correspondence you receive from HMRC (including your welcome pack from them) and is also used on any P60s and P45s that are issued to your employees.

Subsidiary company information

You will also be asked for full details of any subsidiary companies or other employers covered by your Employer’s Liability policy, including registered address and ERN.


All ERNs should be emailed to UK.ELTO@chubb.com for uploading onto the ELTO database.