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We provide core coverage for Property, Casualty, Engineering Breakdown, Environmental Risk and Global Terrorism, as well as offering specialist solutions for your Cyber risks.

We recognise that operating in multiple territories with differing regulatory environments, languages and building codes you need a solution that is truly global.  With operations in 54 countries and territories, we can effectively service your Real Estate portfolio with our local experts and in local language.

Our Multinational Real Estate product includes:

  • Property
  • Public liability
  • Employers liability
  • Environmental liability
  • Terrorism in Great Britain
  • Terrorism and Political Violence outside of Great Britain

We recognise that this sector needs more than an off the shelf, one size fits all package. Therefore our product offers wide cover, significant limits and a 'can do' approach to tailoring each program we insure to meet individual needs. 


We specialise in UK domiciled Pan European, UK Blue Chip, Global companies including:

  • Investment funds
  • Pension funds
  • Large privately owned portfolios

Our preferred portfolios include:

  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Hotels
  • Stadia
  • Light Commercial & Industrial  occupancies

Along with many others, talk to us to find out more.

We can offer multiple solutions including:

  • Exclusive
  • Lead, co-lead, or Follow
  • Primary or excess
  • Opportunities to 'gross line'

Global Services

As part of our commitment to servicing your multinational real estate portfolios we have invested in our global services team who provide dedicated staff who understand the various cultures and regulations relating to global real estate insurance.

They work closely with our underwriters to ensure that we offer programme structures which comply with local regulations.  They ensure that programmes are implemented within our strict service standards and that the Chubb offices and partner insurers around the world issue policies and certificates accurately and in a timely manner.

With our market leading Worldview system we can provide real time access to all your documentation as well as providing you with:

  • 24 turnaround of insurance certification in local language
  • Performance transparency
  • A dash board to track policy issuance and updates
  • Options to view and download local policies, invoices and certificates
  • Access to country-specific research
  • Ability to run custom reports dependent on your specific needs and requirements
  • Contact information should you need to speak to us about your programme

Risk Engineering

Risk Engineering is one of Chubb’s key strengths combining:

  • Technical excellence - our in house Risk Engineers work closely with real estate companies to help prevent or mitigate losses that could damage the business
  • Innovative solutions to real world problems - our bespoke programmes are developed specifically to respond in a practical way to both strategic risks and the operational property protection and health and safety challenges faced by our clients
  • Global capacity - we have over 400 highly experienced property, casualty and other specialist risk engineers around the world. This provides for locally based risk engineers who understand local laws, codes, standards, customs, and language to help ensure relevant, effective and bespoke risk management guidance is provided
  • Dedicated Account Engineers - we will provide a single point of contact who will manage the risk engineering, global servicing and relationship.  This will ensure a consistent and seamless end-to-end service delivery.
  • Bespoke value added and pragmatic risk engineered programme - based on stakeholder meetings and industry experience to review and evaluate the existing property and casualty portfolio exposures to complement current risk management systems and raise the risk management profile.


Our global claims handlers have the knowledge and expertise to manage the process ensuring clients receive an effective, efficient and fair resolution.  We can provide:

  • Claims handled in the local country of operation, by Chubb professionals who are proficient in both local language and English, have an understanding of local legislation and who can access local experts and vendors
  • Dedicated expert Real Estate claims handling resource in the UK
  • Real Estate Claims Client Relationship Manager - a dedicated point of contact for you and your broker to ensure claims expectations are met, in all lines of business and in all territories.
  • Programme set up assistance.
  • Claims expectations and requirements  recorded on our market leading platform to ensure requirements are met no matter where in the world a loss occurs

To help you monitor and manage your claims, we can also provide:

  • Management information and the provision of scheduled, meaningful data to form an accurate picture of losses and trends which will also assist in risk control.
  • Claims review meetings to discuss pertinent losses, claims trends and to review the claims delivery against the agreed claims procedures.
  • Undertaking pre-loss scenario planning, where agreed, working with you to proactively plan for potential claim events.  Helping you establish and prepare your emergency response team and refine your business continuity plan.

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If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with your Real Estate insurance needs then get in touch with one of our team.