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The threat of man-made environmental risks is rising at an unprecedented rate.

While global legislation is also increasing, there is little or no uniformity across jurisdictions, meaning multinational companies are faced with complex and differing exposures across territories.

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This rise in regulation is putting pressure on multinational companies to prove compliance for their operational bases around the world.

In addition, the general public has become much more environmentally conscious, meaning that companies are under an increasing amount of pressure to act in a more environmentally friendly manner, with reputations on the line.

Traditional risk management techniques are leaving these companies open to potentially devastating financial, operational and reputational damage.  

Chubb’s Multinational Programme

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Chubb offers a dedicated multinational insurance programme that combats the risks by understanding a business’ operational jurisdictions, the changing regulatory landscape and building in local expertise across territories

We offer local knowledge, 24 hour claims handling, inhouse and consultant advisor risk engineers and crisis management.

Our approach is tailored to meet the client’s needs, wherever their location, addressing immediate concerns and ensuring reputational business continuity.

Multinational Environmental Risk

Multinational companies are under increasing pressure to prove environmental compliance for their operational bases around the world.

In our report, produced in conjunction with Clyde & Co, we explore the changing environmental risk landscape and how traditional risk management techniques could be leaving companies open to damage.