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The Chubb difference

Why do people choose Chubb? There's no one answer, but there are plently of reasons.

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Explore our insurance products

Helping businesses of all sizes and around the world identify and protect against risk with a diverse and comprehensive range of products and services.

Delivering on our claims promises

Our experienced team of claims professionals responds to each claim with a sense of urgency and care, providing technical expertise, responsive service, and consistent global claims handling.

Effective Supply Chain Management. Building resilience and control in the COVID-19 era

Jonathan Poole, Head of Middle-Market, U.K. & Ireland Region at Chubb, talks about the impact of COVID-19 on supply chains and provides suggestions on how to minimise disruption.

Environmental Risk: What you need to know and how to manage it effectively

Hayley Dixon, Technical Underwriting Manager, Environmental Risk for, U.K. & Ireland Region at Chubb, talks about the environmental risks, what you need to know and how to manage them effectively. 

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Risk during pandemic

How is COVID-19 altering risk in the Life Science sector?


Why you need a risk management programme and how to get started

Here are some areas where your business may be vulnerable to risks, and recommendations for steps you can take minimise them.


Don’t play cyber risk "dominos" with your business

Cybersecurity risks are critically challenging for businesses, with the potential to cause severe business disruption and financial impact.


What businesses should know about water damage

Whether it’s from a leaky boiler or a flood, your office is more likely to have water damage than damage from a fire.


5 tips for an ergonomic workspace

When you think about calling in sick to work, typically a cold or the flu may come to mind. But the fastest-growing category of workplace injury is something called a Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD).


Safe working load?

Robert Tailby, Principal Casualty Risk Engineer at Chubb Risk Engineering Services, discusses the importance of risk assessments being a meaningful exercise in reasoned decision making and proper integration of control measures into realistic operating procedures.


7 slipping hazards lurking in your office

When we head to work each day, a slip-and fall-accident is probably the last thing on our minds—but, in fact, they are much more common than we realise.