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Who does it protect?

Elite Directors and Officers liability is our broadest policy to date and has been specifically developed to cover the risks facing the directors and officers of mid-market to large and multinational private or public companies.

Our definition of an ‘insured person’ includes any past, present or future directors, officers, shadow directors, those acting in a management or supervisory capacity for the company or its subsidiaries.

What does it cover?

Personal protection for directors, officers and management against a range of civil, criminal and regulatory proceedings arising from the potential exposures associated with managing or supervising the company (whether private or listed).

Essentially our policy covers a loss resulting from a wrongful act including:

  • Statutory awards, damages, judgments, settlements, bail bond costs, crisis costs, deprivation of asset costs, prosecution costs, public relations expenses, insolvency hearing costs and regulatory crisis costs.
  • Defence costs, legal representation expenses and subpoena costs
  • Costs arising from extradition proceedings
  • Pre investigation costs, mitigation loss and overseas travelling costs
  • Tax contributions where the parent company has become insolvent and there is personal liability of an insured
  • Losses incurred for civil fines and penalties
  • North American exposures
  • Actions between directors of the company
  • Where there has been fraudulent conduct, non-disclosure misrepresentation or intent to deceive, the policy will nevertheless be maintained for each innocent director

Benefits of Cover

  • Extended Definition of Investigation

Includes where an insured person is named in writing as being under investigation or as a witness by an official entity

  • Preservation of Side A Limit

Side A limit (both claims and investigations) is reinstated for unrelated losses up to the amount paid under any other section or extension.  This distinctive coverage benefit ensures we keep the protection of the individuals at the heart of the policy.

  • Pre-Investigation Costs Extension

Cover for the costs incurred by an insured person in connection with an internal inquiry conducted by the company to determine if a self-report to an official body should be made, or if the official body requires an internal enquiry following a self-report.

  • M&A Claims Extension

 Claims made by an acquisition target alleging the company or insured person aided and abetted a breach of duty owed to the acquisition target's shareholders, or a violation of securities laws by the acquisition target regarding a possible acquisition.

  • Subpoena Costs Insuring Clause

New feature of the Elite policy which is for insured persons only and not subject to any retentions

Employed Lawyer Extension, Insolvency Hearing Cover, E-Discovery Costs, Global Dutch Securities Settlement Advice, Class Certification Event Study Expenses, Regulatory Crisis Costs

Included as standard within the policy.

  • Cyber Privacy and Confidentiality Extension

An additional limit of liability for losses as a direct result of data legislation breaches or unauthorised data disclosure.

  • Mitigation of Loss Extension

Indemnity for an insured personfollowing action taken to prevent a potential loss under the policy.

  • Environmental Violation Extension

An additional limit of liability for claims deriving from actual, alleged or threatened pollution escape, including greenhouse gases, or any regulator instruction for remediation.

  • Securities Entity Cover

Included as standard within the policy wording.

  • Reinstatement of limit post a recovery

Reduces the impairment of the limit of liability for any recoveries.

Why choose Chubb?

Longevity- We have been pioneering management liability insurance for over 30 years.

Proven expertise- Chubb is the global leader in financial lines insurance.

Global service- Our wholly-owned network delivers consistent, high-quality services all over the world.

Worldview- Our award winning web based portal can manage the effective placement of complex multinational D&O insurance programmes with real time updates. 

Highest A.M. Best rating- Our A++ rating demonstrates our financial strength and long-term ability to pay claims.

Award-winning claims service- Our award winning claims team handles a diverse range of claims in this region and have experience of the most challenging of cases