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Leading crime insurance cover designed to provide broad protection for businesses.

What we cover

  • Our insurance protects your business as well as your clients’; if you’re legally liable for their money, securities or property.
  • We offer protection against a financial loss caused by the criminal or fraudulent taking, obtaining or appropriation of money, securities or property by an employee or third party.
  • We also provide cover for social engineering fraud; fraud committed by deception or impersonation.

What we offer

  • Expenses incurred establishing and quantifying a covered financial loss
  • Contractual penalties cover as a result of a covered loss
  • Interest that would have been received or have been liable to pay to a client following a covered loss
  • Public relations expenses and costs to notify customers of a potential breach of their data as a result of a crime or computer violation
  • Expenses incurred to reproduce or reconstitute data following an employee intentionally entering or manipulating data on a computer
  • Property Extortion Expenses
  • Defence costs incurred determining if an insured is legally liable for a client's money, securities or property lost in a crime or fraud.

Benefits of cover

  • Affirmative language to cater for social engineering losses
  • Ability to report a claim and receive crisis management advice via an incident response line.
  • An additional limit of £50,000 to cover the costs of retaining incident response advice, including the costs of initiating necessary actions to recover financial loss. This is in addition to the main financial loss limit.
  • A loss payee clause which allows for a loss to be paid to third parties where contractually required and where third party has an insurable interest.
  • Our difference in conditions clause allows Insureds to elect to have losses adjusted according to the terms of their previous Chubb crime policy for the first twelve months of cover.

Why choose Chubb?

Latest Financial Highlights

Chubb is rated consistently amongst the highest for financial strength : AA from Standard & Poor’s and A++ from A.M. Best



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