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We know how hectic business trips can be – packed schedules, back-to-back meetings and endless lunches and dinners. And the more you travel for business, the less time you may think you have to stay in shape. But it’s important to maintain a healthy routine. It can help you stay fit and healthy and will often enhance your performance for that all important presentation.

Eight tips to help you stay in shape while travelling for business

  1. Choose a hotel with a gym: A gym can be found in most hotels that cater for business travellers. Some may even provide towels and even fitness clothing, saving you the hassle of packing them.

  2. Take in the sights: If you’re familiar with the city and know a safe route, try and take a walk or run to give your legs a stretch. You’ll be surprised at how streets can look so different when you aren’t in a taxi.

  3. Pack your swimming gear: If you know your hotel has a decent pool, then a good swim is not just a firm fitness favourite, but also a good way to relax your mind and body after a long day.

  4. Turn your room into a gym: If your schedule is packed until late evening, perhaps the only option is to turn your hotel room into a personal fitness studio! Spread a towel on the floor for a good stretch. If you have a pilates band, use it to keep your muscles toned. And turn those mineral water bottles into equipment for a spot of light weight training.   

  5. Take some healthy snacks: When you’re rushing from one meeting to another, it’s so easy to grab snacks from the buffet breakfast or a local convenience store, but that’s not always the healthiest choice. Try packing some dried fruits and nuts in your bag.

  6. A little of everything is good for you: Another approach is to eat smaller portions. For example, have two courses instead of three; ditch the dessert altogether; eat a starter instead of a main meal. If you’re away for a few nights, vary your diet – perhaps try the red day/green day approach

  7. Red days and green days: Mentally mark each day as red or green. On a green day enjoy the food on offer without feeling guilty. On a red day choose only the really healthy options on the menu.

  8. And finally, ditch the taxi. Why use a car or taxi when you are better off with a subway or walking? Walking and climbing stairs are great all round exercises. But make sure you know the local geography before you set off to avoid any risks and stay safe.

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