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Silver Stevie Award

The International Business Awards are the world’s premier business awards programme. Nicknamed the ‘Stevie’ (taken from the name Stephen, which is derived from the Greek for ‘crowned’), the awards received entries from organisations worldwide and accept more than 12,000 nominations each year.

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Here's what the judges said

“Highly innovative technological infrastructure and modern design outcome. The idea and the services it provides to its users are very informative and for companies a good source for managing their travelling employees.”

“Application is well presented with very good pacing. The length of the video is brief yet provides a thorough display of the full complement of services.”

“The fact that Chubb Travel Smart has been well-received by their clients, brokers, and end users means that this is truly a useful app.”

“Clearly demonstrates the growth achievements and shows a team dedicated to excellence through providing up-to-date medical, security, travel, and assistance information and training.”

“Great app, great design, great introduction video. Well done!”

Gold Magellan Award

"Magellan winners are those in the industry who communicate travel’s promise, through words, images and design, in ways that ring true and stand out,”  - Arnie Weissmann, editor in chief of Travel Weekly. 

The Magellan Awards are judged and overseen by a one-of-a-kind panel of 24 top travel professionals representing the best names and most accomplished leaders from the industry.

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Chubb Travel Smart: enabling smarter, safer business travel

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