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Product Highlights

  • Worldwide network of offices
  • Expert underwriters, knowledgeable risk management professionals and claims teams
  • Standardised cover or customised, sophisticated programmes
  • Local policy issuance
  • Multinational premium collection and claims handling
  • Global risk management solutions
  • Electronic certificates of insurance


All risks form covering events such as:

  • Theft, pilferage or hijack
  • Transportation mistakes such as dropping or inappropriate handling
  • Accident to the carrying conveyance such as vessel sinking, aircraft crash or vehicle fire
  • Delay in start-up of large projects following loss or damage of critical parts during marine transit

Contact Us

Kevin Docherty
UKI Marine Manager

Maria Tartaro
London Marine Manager

Craig Irvine
Regional Marine Manager

Further information

For What Kind Of Business Would This Be Suitable?

Any company that has responsibility for goods whilst in transit. Large infrastructure projects such as power stations, refineries, petrochemical plants or mining operations.

Cargo Insurance from Chubb Ignite

This online product offers a broad marine cargo solution which makes it simple and accessible for brokers to obtain quotes and bind policies, as well as especially affordable for clients.