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Elite investment management insurance

Asset and investment managers of any size, from small boutique operations to global multi-fund, multi-manager operations need the protection offered by Chubb’s investment management insurance.

The product combines directors and officers liability insurance, professional indemnity (errors and omissions) and crime cover for investment funds and investment managers. It can be tailored to fit any jurisdiction in which the insured is based, including the USA.

Product highlights

  • Protection from theft with broad definition of crime costs underwriters highly experienced with a vast amount of knowledge on the issues and liabilities faced by investment managers.
  • Additional limits for non-executive directors for non-indemnifiable losses.
  • Outside directorship cover and unlimited lifetime cover for retired directors and officers.
  • Tax liability cover for insured persons in the event of personal liability as a result of company insolvency.
  • Preservation of limit of liability for alternative investment funds.
  • Cover for civil fines and penalties against insured persons.
  • Cyber breach notification costs and property management services cover both available as optional extensions.

Who does it cover?

  • The manager and its subsidiaries
  • Any funds managed
  • Outside directorships
  • Spouse or a domestic partner of an insured person
  • The estate or legal representative of deceased insured persons
  • Retired directors and officers

What does it cover?

Comprising the following key areas of cover:

  • Protection for the directors and officers of investment management companies for claims arising from wrongful acts in their management or stewardship of the company.
  • Protection for the directors and officers of an investment fund for claims arising in relation to the management of the fund.
  • Protection for the company and its employees from claims related to their failure to perform professional services or errors or omissions related to those services.
  • Protection from theft.
  • Dedicated tower of coverage for AIFMD losses.

Why choose Chubb?

Recognised market leader
We have a dedicated and highly experienced underwriting team with a vast amount of knowledge on the crime exposures facing all types of financial institutions.

Multinational capability
Chubb’s worldwide network can provide local cover for multinational operations or companies with multinational exposures.

Award-winning claims service
Our claims team is consistently recognised as the best in the business. We handle all claims in-house and clients have a single loss adjuster to liaise with throughout the process.

Latest financial highlights

Chubb is rated consistently amongst the highest for financial strength: AA from Standard & Poor’s and A++ from A.M. Best.