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In today’s connected environment, cyber security is a widespread concern. Yet analysts fear that, across many different industry sectors, some companies are failing to take their responsibilities seriously. All too often, businesses do not fully understand their organisation’s cyber and data privacy risks until an event occurs.

Any company can be affected by a breach of sensitive customer or employee information. Even the loss of a single laptop, if not properly managed, can turn into a public relations disaster, destroying not only a corporate brand but also its balance sheet. As a global leader in cyber insurance, Chubb understands the business of protection. Through our worldwide experience and capability, coupled with local underwriting and risk management expertise across Europe, we work to help businesses move forward with confidence.

What does our Cyber Enterprise Risk Management insurance cover?

  • Business interruption loss due to a network security failure or attack, human errors, or programming errors.
  • Data loss and restoration including decontamination and recovery.
  • Incident response and investigation costs, supported by a 24/7/365 multilingual incident reporting hotline and on-demand vendors.
  • Delay, disruption, and acceleration costs from a business interruption event.
  • Legal costs including exercising contractual indemnity.
  • Crisis communications and reputational mitigation expenses.
  • Liability arising from failure to maintain confidentiality of data.
  • Liability arising from unauthorised use of your network.
  • Network or data extortion/ blackmail (where insurable).
  • Online media liability.
  • Regulatory investigations expenses.

Chubb Cyber Enterprise Risk Management insurance product highlights

  • Measurement in the underwriting phase to help clients better assess cyber risks and position coverage more effectively.
  • Assistance through vendors to provide enhanced cyber risk management during the policy period.
  • Dedicated 24/7 incident response teams to assist in a crisis due to a covered cyber incident.
  • Our Cyber ERM insurance has simplified policy language and structure with end-to-end solutions, all backed up by a diversified, global insurer with AA+ rating.

Why choose Chubb?

Global reach
Our extensive network of dedicated cyber underwriters combine global and local expertise, meaning we can deliver consistent, high-quality services all over the world.

Award-winning underwriting team
Since launching the first cyber product in 1998, our dedicated cyber and technology risks teams are the best in the business.

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Cyber Services

Our enterprise risk management philosophy means we actively look to help our insureds improve their cyber security. See what additional services are available