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At Chubb, we recognise unique insurance exposure. This is why in response to extensive industry and market research, we released our tailored biogas and solar package in July 2016.

This bespoke package covers all lines of business and the award-winning expertise our customers have come to expect from us. With seamless coverage, all claims are handled in house and one loss adjuster is engaged throughout each case. We also use expert risk engineers that provide clients with technical risk management advice, which covers both their first and third party exposures.

The policy offers cover from the construction to the operational phases of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facilities and photovoltaic solar facilities with a project/insured value of over £1m. In addition to continuity of coverage, there is dovetailing of definitions through all sections of the policy. It’s an insurance world first and currently the only product of its kind available on the market.

What does it cover?

This seamless insurance policy covers the following areas:

  • Construction of the project
  • Operation of the plant or facility
  • Employers liability
  • Public and products liability
  • Environmental liability

Within these areas we protect against many of the potential risks involved in the running of AD and solar facilities:

  • Along with all risks during construction, we also include subsequent maintenance and defect liability cover.
  • Delay in start-up/advance delay in start-up and primary third-party liability coverage.
  • Excess casualty during the construction phase.
  • Bespoke primary liability cover for the operational phase of the project.
  • Environmental cover for new and/or historical pollution risks, including biodiversity damage and odour claims.
           odour claims.
  • Seamless first-year operational cover with an option for two years’ cover.
  • First-party business interruption cover upon completion and operation of the facility.
  • First-party replacement costs coverage to include green betterments.
  • Transportation liability as standard for materials transported during the construction phase.
  • Crisis containment management costs.

Benefits of a dedicated package

Specialist expertise
Through Chubb’s specialist experience and knowledge base, we are able to offer support and advice to clients including risk management services tailored to this specialised sector. Early involvement from our risk engineers is beneficial to the client and can ensure best practice from specification stage onwards.

Construction all risks
Cover includes construction all risks during the course of construction (plus maintenance/defect liability provisions), primary third party liability/delay in start-up or advanced loss of profits.

Cover can be arranged on a single project basis and can be extended to include owners and principals controlled or main contractors controlled policies.

Delays in start-up
Delay in start-up/advanced loss of profit for principal/owner and other, interested financial institutions and lenders. Seamless first year operational all risks cover (including machinery breakdown) and including business interruption or loss of profits. A further option of a second year’s operational cover is available with a 12-month break clause. Casualty covers Excess casualty cover is available during the construction phase and bespoke primary liability cover in respect of the operational phase of the project.

Environmental liability
Cover can be purchased for new pollution risks and includes:

  • First party business interruption coverage upon completion and operation of the facility
  • Automatic coverage for ongoing maintenance post construction phase
  • Biodiversity damage provided as standard on all policies up to the full policy limit of liability
  • First party replacement costs coverage to include green betterments
  • Transportation liability as standard for materials transported during the construction period
  • Pollution condition definition to specifically reference odour
  • Crisis containment management costs

Claims examples

The farm based anaerobic digestion plant

A farm based anaerobic digestion plant suffered damage to both its gas engines and their alternators following a power surge down the cable connecting them, to the grid. The surge caused them to trip and stop.

The Chubb policy paid for the damage to the engines and the following financial losses from them being unavailable to produce electricity. We also paid for a specialist engineer to identify the cause of the loss and to reassure the insured that the loss was an exceptional event highly unlikely to reoccur. We also paid for an opinion to see if a recovery could be pursued against the grid company.

The Chubb package policy helped the insured to speed up the repairs and help minimise the financial and business damage to the insured’s business. Our experienced engineers helped to reassure the insured that the loss was not due to an oversight or omission on their behalf.

The solar farm on a brownfield site

A solar farm was constructed on a site that was formerly used as a municipal landfill. A gradual release, of contaminated landfill leachate escaped the site, migrating into the groundwater and contaminated natural resources including a drinking water aquifer. Chubb’s environmental policy responded by indemnifying the client for remediation costs, claims under the environmental liability directive, regulatory agency costs and legal defence expenses.

Claims handling expertise and minimising financial loss incurred by the client for liability they accepted for activities undertaken on the site prior to their ownership.

Why choose Chubb?

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