Have you recently received a letter from Chubb about our changes?

Our Brexit plan

Why has Chubb sent me a letter?

In January 2019 the European head office of Chubb is redomiciling from London to Paris. This is part of Chubb’s response to the UK decision to leave the European Union. In doing so, Chubb must satisfy certain regulatory requirements. This activity is part of those requirements.

In accordance with UK regulation, we are required to write to every creditor of whose claim and address we are aware, of the right that they have to examine certain documents relating to the redomicile.

What is a creditor?

Not all customers or policyholders are creditors, but the definition does include customers who have an open claim as well as third parties claiming under compulsory covers such as employer’s liability/workers compensation and motor. The term ‘creditor’ also includes suppliers and service providers engaged by Chubb.

What does Redomiciling mean?

Redomiciling refers to Chubb moving its registered office from the United Kingdom to France. This will take place on or around 1 January 2019.

Why is Chubb Redomiciling to France?

Chubb has decided that following the UK decision to leave the EU the best opportunity to continue providing products and services to customers based in Europe comes through headquartering Chubb Europe to Paris, France.

Chubb already has a significant personnel and financial investments in France and this decision further builds on the Chubb’s existing operation.

Does this mean Chubb’s London offices closing?

No. Chubb will continue to have a substantial presence in London which will remain its Regional European headquarters.
Chubb will continue to operate in the UK as a branch of the French company after the companies redomicile to France. At all times Chubb’s businesses in the UK will be appropriately authorised - initially under the rules of the EU as a passported branch - and subsequently, after Brexit, as a UK regulated branch.

Does this affect the terms or conditions of my policy?

There will be no change to the cover afforded to our policyholders – including creditors - under their existing policies or any changes in their rights, premiums or benefits under the policy. Our creditors will benefit from continuing to receive insurance cover from the same legal entity with the same level of capital. There will be no change to the level of customer service or existing point of contact.

If you are a EU based customer, then after Chubb's re-domicile you will not be protected by the UK's financial services compensation scheme (the "FSCS").  This is a fund set up to provide compensation to customers in the event of insolvency of financial institutions.  After re-domicile, in the unlikely event of Chubb's insolvency, EU customers may be protected by equivalent schemes in their country.  For further information, please see here.

What do I need to do?

You are not required to do anything. Under the regulation governing the redomicile of Chubb European Group SE we are required to provide creditors with the opportunity to view certain documents detailing our plans. These documents describe what we are doing and give specific information in relation to the effect of the transfer on creditors.

If I want to examine your Redomicile documents will you pay for my travel to London to do this?

No, we will not pay any expenses or other associated costs. If you do not wish to travel to examine the documents you also have the right to request a copy of those documents, which we will provide free of charge and in the English language. If you would like a copy, please write to us at - Attention: AskBrexit, Chubb, 100 Leadenhall Street, London, United Kingdom, EC3A 3BP or email us at

Will it affect my policy or claim if I do not examine the documents?

No, not at all. We are required to provide you as a creditor with the opportunity to view the documents detailing our plans should you wish to do so.

What if I don’t agree with your plans to Redomicile – can I object?

No but we want to ensure you understand our plans and how they impact you. If you have specific questions or concerns, you can send your question to: