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Medical Protection

Unexpected medical expenses can threaten your savings and life plans. With our Medical Protection insurance, you can protect yourself against rising healthcare costs and unplanned expenses to stay on track with your goals.

In-patient Health Coverage

Hospital & Surgical (HS) for the Personal sector from Chubb, a flexible hospitalisation plan with various medical benefits for various needs

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Health Protector (HSP)

Be worry free about medical expenses with Health Protector rider providing extensive coverage with higher benefits and more flexibility about claim reimbursement

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Health Coverage with indemnity payment

Hospital Benefit Fit for the Personal sector from Chubb, a health policy rider that provides daily financial assistance in the event of hospitalisation

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Dread Diseases (DD)

Dread Diseases (DD) for the Personal sector from Chubb, additional protection that covers medical expenses incurred due to the diagnosis of dread diseases

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