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  • To cover loss or damage to the building and its content
  • To compensate allowance for temporary accommodation on daily basis for standard fire
  • To cover loss or damage from natural perils
  • To cover loss or damage to electrical appliances
  • Loss or damage to Cash within premises
  • Theft with forcible or violent entry to or exit from the insured premises including Burglary and Robbery or and attempted threat. (BG.2)
  • Public Liability arising within the insured premises
  • Special Extension – Debris Removal Cost, Fire Extinguishing Expense, Fire Fighting Expense
Underwriting Conditions
  • Applicable to building (excluding foundation) and its contents contained therein as residential property only
  • Excluding building predominantly built with timber and/or other flammable materials
  • Excluding building located in high risk area as specified by the Company

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Applicant should read the terms and conditions of the policy thoroughly prior to applying for this insurance plan

*For international insurance brokers or clients who require insurer/reinsurer to hold a financial strength rating that is higher than that held by Chubb Samaggi Insurance Public Company Limited, please contact ACE INA Overseas Insurance Company Limited, Thailand Branch.

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