Health Protector (HSP)

Worry free! The Health Protector rider offers health coverage until 80 years of age, with 5 plan options to choose from.  The Health Protector rider provides coverage for hospital treatment and surgical benefits up to a maximum coverage of THB 5,500,000 per year and up to THB 15,000 per day for room and board.  Rest assured with Health Protector medical insurance!

  • 5 plan available with coverage until the age of 80 years of age
  • Maximum benefit of THB 5,500,000 per policy year
  • 21 procedures payment for day cases benefit included
  • Cashless service when being treated in Chubb Life's network of 260 hospitals
  • 24-hour hotline service

Coverage and Benefits of Health Protector (HSP)

Benefits* Coverage Plan
HSP 3 HSP 6 HSP 9 HSP 12 HSP 15
Maximum coverage per policy year

1,100,000 2,200,000 3,300,000 4,400,000 5,500,000
In-patients are entitled to the following benefits:

1. Daily room, meals and nursing services (not over 180 days) whereas I.C.U Benefits are of double coverage (not over 60 days). The total number of days (R&B and ICU combined) should not exceed 180 per policy year.

3,000 6,000 9,000 12,000 15,000
2. Doctor fees per day during admittance (not over 180 days per policy year)

2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000
3. “Take home” medicine should not exceed 7 days after the discharge date per each hospital admission

1,500 2,500 3,500 4,000 4,500
4. Surgical and medical procedure fees

Cover as actual amount occurred*
5. Surgical room and instrument fees

6. Anesthesiologist fees

7. Other hospitalization fees including pharmaceutical and medical supplies, laboratory and radiological investigation, blood and plasma transfusion, physical therapy and ambulance etc.

Out-patients are entitled to the following benefits:

8. Fees for laboratory and radiological examination within 30 days prior admission to hospital or 60 days after discharge from the hospital.

Cover as actual amount occurred*
9. Fees for emergency care of out-patients (caused by accident) within 24 hours after accident.

10. Surgical or operative that dose not require treatment in hospital (Day cases)

* Benefit payments for items 1 through 10 may not exceed the maximum coverage per policy year. Terms and conditions of benefit payments are as stated in the policy contract. This rider cover is on an annual basis. Renewals are valid until the insured is 80 years of age, and cannot exceed the coverage period of the basic life insurance plan.  The Company’s underwriting guideline will be applied to new applications.

Insured age

  • 31 days – 70 years old (Renewable up to age 79)
Preliminary exceptions
1. Any pre-existing conditions and illnesses that occur within 30 days after the policy effective date, or the latest effective date in the case of policy reinstatement (waiting period)
2. Chronic diseases, uncured illnesses and injuries, including the treatment of congenital and genetic diseases and learning disabilities before the policy effective date
3. General health check-up, request to be treated or to recover in a hospital or clinic, request to have a surgical operation, request to stay in a hospital or clinic without being treated, medical examination that is irrelevant, unnecessary and nonstandard to the treatment, and special nursing service

All applicants should study, read, and understand the details and conditions of coverage before deciding to purchase.  Full details of coverage are contained in the policy contract.
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