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For better quality of life of your family

12TX insurance plan gives you long coverage until 90 years old of age with guaranteed living benefit maximum at 1,175%** of initial sum assured, only 12-year premium payment, and long protection period for your loved ones.

Highlighted Benefits

  • Guaranteed benefit as another source of saving for you and the ones you love with maximum 1,175%** of initial sum assured.
    • Living benefit paid at 5% of initial sum assured for 7 times at the end of policy years 3, 6, 9, 12, 14, 15 and 16
    • Lump sum benefit paid at 50% of initial sum assured at the end of 13th policy year
    • Annual cash benefit paid at 6-10% of initial sum assured starting at the end of 17th policy year until insured age 89 years old (total 73 times*)
    • Maturity benefit paid at insured age 90 from 190% to 390% of initial sum assured*
  • Short premium payment period of 12 years only
  • Long coverage until 90 years old of age
  • Increased life coverage ensure complete coverage with 100% mortality protection, increasing by 10% every 3 years until age 90*
  • Tax benefit applicable on personal income following the conditions of Thailand Revenue Deparment (Read more)


Life Coverage Benefit

In case of death before the end of contract, the company will pay the insured amount based on the life coverage value at the time of death. This amount starts at 100% and increases by 10% every 3 policy years, up to 390%**, or pays the surrender value or all premiums paid minus money already received as per policy conditions, whichever is greater.

Sample Offer

For male, 31 days old

Insured amount: THB 500,000 

  • Initial life coverage of THB 500,000, and increased THB 50,000 every 3 policy years, total 29 times of increment or maximum at THB 1,950,000*
  • Total premium paid THB 1,572,000 (2)
    • Annual premium THB 131,000
    • Premium payment period 12 years
  • Living benefit of THB 25,000 paid 4 times, or total amount of THB 100,000 (1)
  • Lump sum benefit of  THB 250,000 paid at insured age 13 years old (3)
  • Annual cash benefit paid from insured age 14 until 89 years old, total amount of THB 3,575,000 (4)
    • Between age 14-16, cash benefit paid THB 25,000 per year and the benefit increased every 3 policy years
    • Maximum cash benefit of THB 50,000 per year paid at insured age 29 to age 89 years old
  • Maturiy benefit paid at insured age 90 with the amount of THB 1,950,000 (5)
  • Diff between premium paid and maximum benefit (1+3+4+5)-(2) THB 4,303,000


% listed above It is a percentage of the initial insured amount.

* The company will pay the insured amount. at the time of death or policy surrender money or all premiums that have been paid Deducted by the money paid back according to the policy conditions that have all been received. Whichever number is greater

** Depends on the age of the insured on the date the coverage begins.

Preliminary Underwriting Guideline

  • Insured age: 31 days until 60 years old
  • Minimum sum assured: TH 100,000
  • Attach with specific riders according to underwriting guideline.

Potential buyers should carefully review the specifics, coverage, and terms before making any insurance purchases. It's essential to note that the insurance will align with the company's conditions and regulations.

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