General Insurance Customer Service

Claim Guideline for flood victims

With our care for flood victims, Chubb Samaggi prepares the guideline on claim process to assist our policy holders. Chubb Samaggi policy holders can download claim forms and follow the guideline below
  1. Complete claim form based on claim type.
  2. Prepare supporting documents.
  3. Submit completed claim form and supporting documents at our branch offices, our agents or Chubb Samaggi Headquarters. 
  4. Our staff receives and checks the documents. A submitter will be asked to sign the form. In case of lacking some documents, the submitter will be asked to submit additional documents.
  5. Our staff will sign the documents and forward to Chubb Samaggi Headquarters.
  6. The documents will be transferred to Claim department based on claim type. After stamping receipt date on the document, Claim department will check the documents and record in the system.   
  7. Our staff will contact the policy holders about the outcome.