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More Value. More Great Service.

Chubb has now completed the acquisition of Cigna’s personal accident and health insurance business in Thailand. Chubb now has even more talented people, innovative products and quality service to offer.


Protecting the present and building a better future

As the world’s largest publicly traded P&C insurer, Chubb is an organization with exceptional product and service capabilities: traditional commercial property and general casualty, a broad range of A&H and specialty personal lines, and a suite of savings and protection-oriented life insurance plans. With total assets of more than $200 billion, Chubb has substantial balance sheet strength. The company’s core operating insurance companies maintain financial strength ratings of AA from Standard & Poor’s and A++ from A.M. Best.


A shared vision

Excellence, technical proficiency, service, constant improvement. Hear about the ideals that make the Chubb culture unique from our Chairman and CEO, Evan Greenberg.

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Frequently asked questions


Chubb’s acquisition of Cigna’s life and non-life insurance companies in Asia-Pacific that house their personal accident and health (A&H) and life insurance business advances Chubb’s strategy to expand its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, a key growth market for the company. The addition of these businesses will add to Chubb’s already strong presence in both general and life insurance in the region and enhance its product and service capabilities to better meet the growing needs of customers and distribution partners in this part of the world.

Following completion of the transaction, Asia-Pacific’s share of Chubb’s global portfolio will increase from approximately $4 billion to $7 billion in premium and represent approximately 18% of the company. Together, A&H and life insurance will comprise 20% of the company’s overall premium revenue compared to 13% today.

Chubb’s acquisition of Cigna’s life and non-life companies in Asia-Pacific will enhance the company’s competitive profile and its ability to make greater investments in technology, products, services and people. In the short term, the focus will be on ensuring continued excellent customer satisfaction, sustaining and developing business growth, serving distribution partners and their clients well, along with retaining top talent in the region. In the long term, the goal is to be the go-to insurer in the Asia-Pacific region with exceptional balance sheet strength and a broad range of products to meet diverse consumer needs, all backed by superior service – the distinguishing hallmark of Chubb.  



The transaction will not affect business or customer relationships with the Cigna or Chubb operations. It should be business as usual for all Chubb and Cigna agents and brokers. Distribution partners and their customers will continue to receive the same superior service and attention to detail all have come to expect from Chubb and Cigna. Distribution partners will receive further updates, as events warrant, in the future.

With Cigna’s personal accident and health insurance business now part of Chubb Group, policyholders will continue to receive quality insurance coverage and the highest standard of claims and customer service that they have come to expect. With our combined strength, Chubb Group is in an even better position to help agents, brokers and partners serve customers by offering a broader portfolio of quality products and great service. 

With Cigna’s personal accident, health and life insurance business in Asia-Pacific now part of Chubb, customers can expect even more talented people, innovative products and quality service. We are now better able to serve you with enhanced product and digital offerings backed by superior underwriting and Chubb’s renowned claims service.

For now, local contact points remain unchanged. Should there be any changes regarding your point of contact with us, we will be in touch with you directly.

We remain committed to providing superior claims service. Our claims experts will continue to handle each claim without interruption. Should you have questions regarding an existing claim, you can contact our customer service hotline. 

Cigna Contact information 

Cigna Personal Accident, Health Insurance and Local Group Health Insurance

Tel: 1758 or 02-853-0000

Service hours

• Monday – Friday from 8.00 – 20.00 hrs. 

• Saturday – Sunday and Public Holiday from 8. 30 – 17.30 hrs. 


Global Health Insurance (GHB) Tel. 02-853-0010 (24/7) 


Chubb Contact Information

  • Motor, Home & Condo Claims Service (24/7):
    • Tel: 02-640-4500 or 02-611-4455
  • A&H Claims Service:
    • Day time (Monday-Friday: 8.30-17.30): Tel 02-611-4000
    • Off Hour and weekend: Tel: 02-640-4500 or 02-611-4455 

Customers, agents and brokers should continue to report claims using existing channels. As we adopt any new procedures for claim reporting, we will be certain to communicate those changes.

Quotes already issued by either company will be honored as per the terms stated. 


The terms and conditions of your existing policies and the claims processes applicable to you remain the same. Local contact points remain unchanged.  Should we update any procedures for claim reporting, we will be certain to communicate these changes. 

Depending on which company’s policy you hold, you should call the respective hotline numbers to make your query. 

The terms and conditions of your existing policies remain the same. 

The transaction will not affect premiums for existing policies.

There will be no change to the validity of existing Cigna policies as a result of the transaction. 

As we bring the Cigna and Chubb businesses together in the Asia-Pacific region, there will be an interim period where some of our customer communications will have the Chubb identity while others will still have the Cigna identity.