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Chubb Say Yes To Less Plastic! Campaign

'Say Yes To Less Plastic!' activity

Chubb flea market 

Chubb Thailand recently organized an in-house event to educate its employees about the dangers of plastic, the amount of time it takes for different types of plastic to decompose, and the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) strategy.  Moreover, the event also included a Chubb flea market for the employees at the Chubb Tower head office and at Interchange 21 under the concept “Say Yes to Less Plastic!” in light of the current excessive plastic waste in the city. Employees were encouraged to sell secondhand items, all in good condition, to their fellow employees at low prices.

The event succeeded not only in boosting employee relations but also in garnering employee cooperation in reducing as much as possible the use of plastic whether it be plastic shopping bags, straws or other types of plastic items. Chubb also campaigned for the use of cloth bags over plastic bags.

The internal event is a part of regional social campaign known as Regional Day of Service 2019, an annual undertaking by Chubb employees in 12 countries across the Asia-Pacific region who unite in spirit to carry out separate and varying public benefit activities during the month of November each year. At the heart of the activities are increased opportunities to learn and improve the quality of life for the underprivileged. Our focus in this year is the environment and the effects of plastic waste. 




The internal event is a part of Regional Day of Service 2019

Chubb in Thailand collaborated with the Foundation for Environmental Education for Sustainable Development (Thailand) to educate and promote correct understanding about the mangrove forest ecosystem and marine pollution caused by plastic waste.

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