SME Business (Select+)

Chubb understands that SMEs are usually more vulnerable to fluctuating economic conditions and business interruptions due to smaller cash flows. We have designed Select+®, a package policy for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), to offer wide standard cover with optional add-ons. Select+ provides SMEs with the protection they need, according to their requirements

Industries Focus


Pre-school education centres, tuition centres, commercial schools, children enrichment classes, music dance and ballet schools, art or fashion schools, adult education centres and language schools.

Food & Beverages (F&B)

Restaurants, dining places, food courts, food court stalls, coffee or ice cream shops and canteen operations. 

Health, Beauty and Spa

Beauty and hair salons, spa and foot reflexology clinics, weight loss and slimming centres, manicure and pedicure parlours, makeover services and more.

Hotels and Hospitality

Fitness centres, gymnasiums, hotels, hostels, motel and more.

Office and Services

Management consultants, accountants and IT consultants, software designers, architects, estate and letting agents, financial advisers, insurance brokers and agents, health and safety consultants and marketing companies.


Grocery stores and retailers of all types of goods.

Coverage Highlight

Fire and additional Perils

Cover loss or damage to property insured (such as building but excluding foundation, furniture, machinery, office equipment and stock) caused by Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft, Vehicle Impact, Smoke, Water damage, Strike Riot or Malicious Acts.

Coverage for section1,

1.  Loss of or damage to the insured property arising from Fire,  Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft and Smoke.
2.  Loss of or damage to the insured property arising from Vehicle,  Water damage and Riot & Strike
3.  Loss of or damage to the insured property arising from  Windstorm, Earthquake and Hail
4.  Loss of or damage to the insured property arising from Flood
5. Loss of or damage to the insured property arising from Electrical Injury

If the perils cover under Section 1 result in temporary complete close down of business from which the business is no longer able to operate, compensation will be made on daily basis.

Coverage for section2,

1.  Loss of rent
2.  Loss of income/Day Maximum 30 days
3.  Loss of or damage to fixed plate glass caused by accidental breakage
4.  Money insurance (Mon2) Loss of cash in premises caused by burglary (Maximum limit is not exceeding) Extension: Loss of cash inside the drawer during working hour (limit 5,000 Baht per policy year) Damage to safe/drawer (limit 10,000 Baht per policy year)
5.  Burglary insurance (B2)  Property in building (Excluding Money)
6.  Third party liability

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Full details of the terms, conditions and exclusions of this insurance are provided in the policy documentation. Please read our Terms of Use. Applicant should read the terms and conditions of the policy thoroughly prior to applying for insurance.”

*For international insurance brokers or clients who require insurer/reinsurer to hold a financial strength rating that is higher than that held by Chubb Samaggi Insurance Public Company Limited, please contact ACE INA Overseas Insurance Company Limited, Thailand Branch.

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