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Here are a few tips to keep the fine art, jewelry and collections you sell, keep or acquire safe when they are in transit:

Make sure you have adequate coverage

Contact your insurance agent or broker to confirm what coverage you have in place. You’ll want to make sure your items are protected no matter where they are. Consider adding transit or wearing coverage extension to your existing fine art jewellery & collections insurance

Have your precious items appraised

It’s also important to have the right amount of coverage in place. With high demand and challenges with sourcing and disruptions in supply, the cost of certain categories of valuables are increasing. You’ll want to reappraise them every 3 to 5 years, and more frequently for those high value and very sought-after items, including famous art pieces and jewels with rare, fancy-colored diamonds and colored gemstones.

Check for damage or wear and tear

Before you pack your collections, check to make sure they are in good condition, each piece fits properly, and that there are no loose stones, broken clasps, or damaged prongs. If you find any damage or issues, take them to a professional for repair.

Make sure it’s packaged carefully

Ensure all valuables are packed in a nondescript box to help conceal its contents. In addition, keep jewelry items separated by a soft cloth. Use fabric pearl folders to protect necklaces, pearls, and other pieces of jewelry from scratches and abrasions. Choose a watch roll that will protect your watches so they’re not tossed around when you’re on the move.

Keep items close and call ahead to make safe arrangements

When traveling with valuable items, whether by plane, train or car, keep them with you and never leave bags containing jewelry unattended. Storing jewelry and watches in checked luggage is not recommended, even when travelling by private plane, as valuables can still go missing. For increased privacy, you can ask the airport security officer to screen you and your carry-on bag in private. 

Store your jewelry and watches in the hotel’s main vault rather than the in-room safe, which provides minimal protection and is easily accessible by third parties. Consider contacting your hotel ahead of time to understand how they can best protect your valuables. Always carry bags containing precious items personally, never leave them with hotel staff.

Seek professional inspection

Have your pieces professionally inspected for any wear and tear that may have occurred during travel or transit, such as loose stones or clasps, damaged prongs, or scratches. To keep your valuables in their best condition, it’s important to address any issues immediately so that a small problem does not turn into a bigger one. 

When items are not in use or worn, they should be safely stored in a high security safe bolted to the floor or in a safety deposit box at the bank.

@2022 Chubb. The contents of this document are for informative purposes only. Any advice in this article is general only and does not take into account any specific objectives, financial situation or needs, or the prevailing laws and regulations in the relevant jurisdiction. Please review the full terms, conditions and exclusions of our policies to consider whether they are right for you. Coverage may be underwritten by one or more Chubb companies or our network partners. Not all coverages and services are available in all countries and territories. Chubb® and its respective logos, and Chubb. Insured.SM are protected trademarks of Chubb. Published 07/2022.


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