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Voluntary Employee Benefit Programme

Chubb’s close working relationship with clients like you means that we’re constantly in touch with the issues and challenges they face. This provides us with the opportunity to create solutions that are beneficial to their business. The feedback that we’ve received from their HR departments have consistently highlighted three areas of concern:

  • Cost savings in an inflationary market
  • Staff retention and motivation
  • Greying workforce and Medical Insurance Transportability

With these needs in mind, we’ve introduced a transportable staff benefit solution that’s voluntary and comes at no additional cost to your corporate clients. To date, the Care Programme has been introduced to over 1,600 organisations, including government agencies and multinational corporations.

Our programme includes:

  • Health and Wellness Seminars*
  • Lifestyle Workshops*
  • Voluntary Medical Coverage (at group-rated premiums)

The response that we’ve received to our programme has so far been very positive, and we’re confident that your corporate clients will benefit greatly from this programme, too.


  • Cost savings in an inflationary market
  • Transportability
  • Health and Wellness Seminars*
  • Lifestyle Workshops*

* Health and Wellness Seminars and Lifestyle Workshops are subject to availability and can be customised accordingly to the HR department’s preferences and benefits philosophy.

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