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Please reach out to your business development manager if you have any questions or need to discuss any of the Chubb products and services:

Agents & Corporate Agents

Sherlynn Kam
Business Development Manager
M 9114 2073

Steven Tan
Senior Business Development Manager
M 9155 0589

Financial Advisory Firms

Erica Wong
Business Development Manager
M 8600 3619

Sarah Teng
Business Development Manager
M 8798 4326

Local Brokers

Carolyn Tan
Senior Business Development Manager
M 8600 3616


Joseph Tan
Head of IDP Strategic Business Development
M 8222 2370

Product Enquiries

Please send all enquiries to:

Contact us for more information

Have a question or need more information regarding Chubb IDP? Contact our IDP team to find out how we can help.