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A home burglary, a house fire, a car accident, or even an ATM Theft. These are unforeseen and could affect one’s financial expenses. Imagine if you are able to help your customers cope with unforeseen circumstances with an affordable insurance coverage.

Chubb Living Easyis an innovative suite of relevant and affordable insurance products with living benefits for today’s busy consumers. They address life’s inconveniences, which can happen anytime, anywhere.

These products are specially designed for individuals and families. Start enhancing your customer satisfaction and loyalty with Chubb Living Easy’s three product ranges:

Chubb Living Easy’s product ranges example

Important Notes:

These are examples and not all products listed above are available in all the countries.
Products may be customised based on local market and regulatory needs.
Product names are only suggestions and subject to confirmation upon actual product development.

We have various success stories across Asia Pacific with banks, telecommunications companies, credit card companies and membership programs. And we look forward to a similar successful partnership with you.

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