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With health and safety fears brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has led to a shift in lifestyle habits and working environment. People are spending more time at home and online and working from home is now regarded the new normal and likely to remain a part of every employee’s work week, even after the COVID-19 pandemic passes.

Do you find yourself being increasingly concerned about your own health and safety when it comes to visiting the doctor for a common cold or flu? Or worrying over financial obligations in the event of hospitalisation due to COVID-19? Or more aware about raised cyber exposures alongside increased online activities?

Work From Home Care is a lifestyle insurance plan designed to address these concerns by providing you and your family with protection against accident, health and personal cyber security risks.

Coverage Highlights

Policy Coverage
doctor-anywhere.png worldwide-pa.png identity-theft.png

Doctor Anywhere Subscription

for 24/7 access to video consultations with general practitioners from the safety of your home (including free delivery of medication)

Worldwide Personal Accident

coverage for accidental death, permanent disablement and reimbursement of accidental medical expenses (including treatment by TCM and chiropractor)

Identity Theft

coverage to provide support when your personal data or documents are obtained and used without your consent. This includes legal consult, legal expenses, 24-hr IT/Tech support, loss of income coverage and other additional expenses.

* Purchase our Work From Home Care insurance plan offered in partnership with GoBear.

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Purchase Work From Home Care insurance plan, offered in partnership with GoBear.