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Shirley Cheng

Shirley Cheng

About Shirley

Hi, I am Shirley and I am elated to be appointed as a Diamond Ambassador of M.A.P Club 2019!

We all know it takes years of hard work and tremendous effort and amount of finances to build a nest. Hence, when unforeseen circumstances happen, it can be devastating and emotionally traumatising to you and your family.

Taking care of my client’s interest is of utmost importance to me. My role as the Masterpiece Ambassador is to promote awareness and the importance of protecting your home against unforeseen circumstances.

Let me share some testimonies from the satisfied clients whom I served:

 "Impressed with your agent's responses." – Mr & Mrs Ismail Alsagoff

 "Efficient agent who provides good service." – Heng Gek Luan

Awards & Accolades

  • Diamond Ambassador of M.A.P Club 2019