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Masterpiece Ambassador Programme (M.A.P) Club is an initiative to affirm and acknowledge the stellar performance of our Masterpiece® business partners.

Congratulations to the Diamond Ambassadors in 2019!

Sheila Goh

My unparalleled commitment, dedication and service excellence drives me to match my clients’ needs with what Masterpiece bespoke policy can offer.

Angelia Lim

Masterpiece’s superior coverage allows me to provide bespoke protection solutions, each uniquely “crafted” based on my clients’ specific needs.

Fenella Tang

I look forward to adding value to my clients in providing the Masterpiece insurance that uniquely covers their home, lifestyle and valuable items.

Kenneth de Souza

"It is always better to be 5 years too early than 5 minutes too late."

Jonathan Quek

Motivated to serve people and help identify gaps in people's insurance needs. I would love to share the benefits of having a comprehensive lifestyle insurance like Masterpiece with you.

Shirley Cheng

Taking care of my clients’ interest is of utmost importance because I understand that it takes years and a tremendous amount of effort to successfully build a nest.