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Fenella Tang

Fenella Tang

About Fenella

Hi, I am Fenella Tang.

After a span of two decades as a Life Insurance agent, I developed a substantial and diversified clientele base. And having journeyed alongside my clients through their ups and downs, celebrated many of their successes and at times learned from their setbacks, I have gained a good understanding of their unique needs and lifestyle aspirations.

I am a strong believer of achieving "a balance" in life so that one need not stop pursuing their dreams. This same belief has propelled me to become a private jeweller and start my own bespoke jewellery line. I dedicate my service to guide my customers through the whole bespoke jewellery journey to bring their unique designs to fruition.

As an ambassador for Masterpiece, I bring the same dedication to my Masterpiece clients as well. Masterpiece's bespoke coverage aligns with the high standards of personalised service and complements the dazzling class of excellence. This unique product can offer clients the ultimate peace of mind and security. Being exclusive and yet flexible, Masterpiece offers unparalleled benefits and coverage in the market to a clients’ home, lifestyle and valuable items.

Awards & Accolades

  • Diamond Ambassador of M.A.P Club 2019