Chubb Assistance for Business Travel Policyholders

What Chubb Assistance Provides for Business Travel Policyholders

24-Hour Emergency Referral Service via Chubb Assistance
In the event of an emergency, simply call +65 6836 2922, reverse the charge and get immediate aid in locating medical help and travel assistance in your local area.

Chubb Assistance provides the following services, subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of your individual policy. For more information on what your policy covers, refer to your policy wording or the relevant terms and conditions document, or ask the broker or employer who has obtained the insurance coverage for your benefit.

Medical Assistance - Overseas Only
Services under this category are as follows:

  1. Telephone Medical Advice
    Chubb Assistance will arrange to provide medical advice to you over the telephone.
  2. Medical Service Provider Referral
    Chubb Assistance will provide the you with information about physicians, hospitals, dentists and dental clinics worldwide.
  3. Appointments with Doctors
    Chubb Assistance will assist you in arranging appointments with general practitioners or specialised doctors, if medically necessary.
  4. Hospital Admission
    In the event where hospitalisation is needed, Chubb Assistance will assist you with the arrangement of hospital admission.
  5. Medical Monitoring
    If you are hospitalised a doctor will maintain contact with you and the attending physician.
  6. Delivery of Essential Medicine
    Chubb Assistance will arrange for essential medicine or drugs to be delviered to you when such medicine or drugs or local equivalent are not available at your location. (Note: Chubb Assistance will not pay for the costs of such drugs or medicine and any delivery costs thereof.)
  7. Emergency Medical Evacuation
    Chubb Assistance will arrange for the air and/or surface transportation, medical care during transportation, communications and all usual ancillary services required to move you to the nearest hospital where appropriate medical care is available.
  8. Emergency Repatriation
    Chubb Assistance will arrange for your return to Singapore following an emergency medical evacuation for subsequent in-hospital treatment.
  9. Return of Mortal Remains
    In the event of your death, Chubb Assistance will coordinate the repatriation of your remains or arrange for local burial at the place of your death.
  10. Compassionate Visit
    Chubb Assistance will arrange for the return airfare for a relative or friend who wish to visit you in the event of hospitalisation outside Singapore.
  11. Return of Minor Children
    Chubb Assistance will arrange for one-way airfares for the return of your minor children who are left unattended as a result of your accompanying illness, accident or hospitalisation.

Note: The above services (Item 6-11) are charged on a case basis. Chubb Assistance shall not be responsible for any third party expenses.

Travel Assistance
Services under this category are as follows:

  • Pretrip Information Services
    Chubb Assistance will provide information concerning visas and inoculation requirements for foreign countries worldwide.
  • Embassy Referral
    Chubb Assistance will provide the address, telephone number and hours of opening of the nearest appropriate consulate and embassy worldwide.
  • Lost Document Assistance
    If your passport or luggage is lost or stolen while travelling outside of your usual country of residence, Chubb Asssistance will assist to contact the appropriate authorities involved and provide directions for recovery.
  • Emergency Travel Services Assistance
    Chubb Assistance will assist you in the reservation/booking for airline and travel on an emergency basis when travelling overseas.
  • Legal Referral
    Chubb Assistance will provide you the name, address, telephone number, and office hours (upon request, if available) for legal practitioners and lawyers worldwide.
  • Emergency Message Transmission
    If requested in the event of a hospital confinement or during an emergency, Chubb Assistance will undertake to transmit urgent messages to your family.

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