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Chubb offers internship program to provide students the chance to gain practical on-the-job experience, from learning more about the industry, to acquiring new skills and experiencing what it’s like to work in a professional environment.
The program begins with onboarding and training, then quickly moves into specific project work where you work directly with Chubb team members and executives. For those who excel in the program, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss full-time employment opportunities at Chubb after graduation. 
In partnership with GIA Singapore, Chubb hosts students from NTU, SMU and NUS for an internship program each year. Read what our interns have said about their experience and how it has shaped their understanding of the industry or influenced their future career considerations.


My Internship Experience

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“My internship experience with Chubb has been fruitful and positive. Despite having to work remotely from home, I was privileged to have caring and approachable mentors and colleagues from the Financial Lines team who gave me plenty of guidance and support. I learned the end-to-end underwriting functions – from liaising with brokers, performing risk analysis, coming up with policy premiums and terms to generating quotations. I also applied the analytical skills I picked up from school and apply to the underwriting process. My mentor, Elsa Xu, checks in on me regularly to ensure I’m on the right track and to clarify any doubts I have. Overall, I enjoyed my internship with Chubb.”
Jeff Lim
School of Mathematics & Economics
Nanyang Technological University
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“My internship experience with the Casualty team has been fruitful and enriching. I have learned more about the General Insurance Industry and underwriting. I was involved in several projects; one of which was ensuring data collected from policies are adhering to the regulatory and industry guidelines.
I also reviewed policy wordings to ensure Chubb's clients are receiving the updated versions. This internship has provided me with an opportunity to apply the analytical skills developed in the classroom setting into the workplace.”
Tessalyn Kong
School of Accountancy
Singapore Management University
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“This internship has allowed me to have the first-hand experience in applying what I’ve learnt in school to my intern role. For example, I took a module on Taxation last semester, and I was glad that I was able to put my knowledge in good use when I helped my mentor with preparations of GST returns to ensure correct treatment for income and expenses.”
Yang Mei Ling
School of Accountancy 
Singapore Management University
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“Having the opportunity to work alongside with the other Financial Lines underwriters, I have learnt about the various types of Financial Lines insurance and why there is an increasing need for organisations to take up these insurance products. My mentors have contributed significantly to my journey at Chubb. Despite their busy schedules, they were always willing to help me in my learning through regular Webex meetings, text messages or phone calls. Underwriting insurance policies require analysing, sourcing for data and the ability to make sense out of information to understand the terms to impose. The quantitative and analytical skills I have adopted in school has helped me in my role as I had to be detail-oriented when reviewing the financial reports.”
Victor Tan
School of Business 
Singapore Management University
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“My 2-month internship with Chubb was a one-of-a-kind experience. In these uncertain times, due to the pandemic, I have had front row seats to watch how Chubb has adapted itself and thrived in this new environment. Even though I did not get to experience the physical Chubb environment, I was extremely thankful to the staff and my mentor, Brian Tian, for taking me under their wings. Be it via Webex meetings, emails or phone calls; I was extremely grateful to Brian for showing great patience while guiding me through the processes of an underwriter. I hope to embody the same grit and tenacity I have seen in Chubb into my future as well. Thank you for the great two months, Chubb!”
Sheun Yong
Faculty of Science 
National University of Singapore
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“A valuable experience gained during this internship was when I had the opportunity to attend several Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CATS) workshops to learn how to use the Spyder software. I was also assigned to do pre-underwriting duties such as researching on prospects, updating underwriting entries in our internal system (GenNext), as well as performing sanity checks on the accounts. 
I was also given the opportunity to prepare Certificate of Insurance renewals (COI) for Industrial All Risks (IAR) and Terrorism. Overall, it was an enriching experience despite having to work from home and interacting with my mentors and team mates, virtually.”
Chim Yen Teng
School of Mathematical Sciences 
Nanyang Technological University
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“My internship experience for the last three months has been enriching and rewarding. During my internship with the Independent Distribution Partners team, I had the opportunity to work on a few insurance campaigns and attended online training sessions. This internship has also enabled me to have a better understanding of the insurance industry and has significantly boosted my confidence and increased my knowledge in Microsoft Excel. I also received great support from my mentor and my teammates. Even though I didn’t get to meet my teammates in person as we’re all working from home, I received advice and guidance from them, virtually. I feel appreciated being part of the team, and this has made my internship experience more enjoyable and fulfilling.” 
Teo Xin Xi
Nanyang Business School
Nanyang Technological University
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“My internship experience was a challenging yet fulfilling one. I initially thought that being an intern meant endless administrative work, but I had the chance to work on and manage numerous employee engagement and wellness projects.
Working in Chubb taught me the importance of stakeholder management, where I would need to communicate and even sometimes work collaboratively with different people in the company. Being in a department where interpersonal skills are emphasised, it is important to differentiate and understand people’s working styles and adapt accordingly.
I appreciate the guidance and support my mentor and colleagues have given me. This enriching working experience will certainly benefit me as I enter the workforce in the near future.”
Eileen Tan
Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology
Singapore Polytechnic

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