Chubb offers internship program to provide students the chance to gain practical on-the-job experience, from learning more about the industry, to acquiring new skills and experiencing what it’s like to work in a professional environment. 

The program begins with onboarding and training, then quickly moves into specific project work where you work directly with Chubb team members and executives. For those who excel in the program, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss full-time employment opportunities at Chubb after graduation. 

Read what our interns have said about their experience and how it has shaped their understanding of the industry or influenced their future career considerations.

Read what our interns have to say

"During my 3-month internship, I gained valuable insight about the company and worked on numerous projects which allowed me to expand my skill set and gain hands-on experience. Some of the projects include content creation, development of marketing materials and analysing data to find trends and areas to improve the overall customer experience and perception of our brand."

Chia Rui Yang
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Marketing
Murdoch University
"This internship has allowed me to have first-hand experience in applying what I’ve learnt in school to build a business case. I worked with the HR team to create dashboards for employees and managers. I also had the valuable opportunity to present my ideas and proposed solutions to our local CEO. I hope to be able to utilise the experience that I have gained at Chubb, in my future career!"

Cheryl Hoe
Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology
Singapore Polytechnic
"During my 10 weeks internship, I was attached to the Casualty team where I learned more about the underwriting function – from checking policy wordings to reviewing claim trends and hazard analysis. I also analysed the tech and bound rates across the different industries. I now have a better understanding of how Chubb interacts with the various intermediaries and I’m more knowledgeable on how the insurance industry in Singapore works."

Jolene Low
Penultimate Year Business (Risk Management & Insurance) Student
Nanyang Technological University
"During my 6 weeks internship, I was attached to the HR department where I spearheaded a project to enhance the overall user experience and creative direction of the HR page on our intranet platform. I worked closely with the team to design assets and content which would be valuable for both new and existing employees. At the end of the project, I was also presented with a valuable opportunity to meet and present my ideas to the local CEO."

Regine Tan
Human Resource with Psychology Student
Singapore Polytechnic
"I worked with the Property team during my 10 weeks internship at Chubb where I learned the ropes of being an underwriter. A valuable experience gained was when I had the opportunity to attend external meetings with our brokers to discuss business opportunities. The internship widened my exposure to the various roles available in the insurance industry and Chubb has provided me with an environment to grow my interest and expand my knowledge!"

Kimberly Lim
Nanyang Business School (Risk Management and Insurance) Student
Nanyang Technological University

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