Don’t wait till you lose your engagement ring, to give us a ring.

Grooms spend an average of 3.5 months* looking for the perfect engagement ring for their brides to wear, for a lifetime.

All it takes is just one second to lose it.

From accidentally dropping it in a cab or down the sink, to getting it stolen, there are countless ways your jewellery can go missing in a second.

We know just how precious your jewellery is – representing a family heirloom, a keepsake from a significant occasion, or shared memories as a couple.

Chubb’s Masterpiece insurance protects the value of your collectibles, not just for jewellery, but also other treasured possessions you’ve painstakingly procured over the years – watches, wines, antiques, art, and more.

When you insure with Chubb, you are protected not just from accidental loss, but also robbery when you’re overseas. If a collection matters to you, it matters to Chubb.

Key Benefits

Covers 100% of the insured value of each itemised valuable article
Covers physical loss or damage to your valuable items
Includes coverage for your valuable items even when you bring them along on your overseas travels

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Policy terms and conditions apply.

Case Study

A Masterpiece policyholder’s diamond ring was purchased at S$68,000 and insured for the same agreed value, under the Masterpiece Valuable Articles cover. She accidentally lost her ring while having chilli crab for dinner one day. She submitted a claim for the loss and, after assessment, Chubb paid out S$68,000.

Protect your high valued home and assets

It will be too late when you realise that you are not adequately insured. Contact us to find out how we can help you protect your valuable possession.