We can't fix your broken heart,
but we can help with a broken ankle.

It takes about 6 weeks for a broken ankle to heal.*

A broken heart, we can’t say for sure.

Life often throws us the unexpected. A call from your lover to end things. A missed step when going down the stairs. A stolen wallet right before you make that big purchase.

Having Chubb insurance helps soften the blows that get thrown at you. Whether it’s a visit to a general practitioner to mend your broken ankle, an unexpected stay at the hospital, or less painful mishaps like a stolen wallet, Chubb has you covered with Chubb Smart Life Builder™ insurance.

With coverage of up to S$300,000 for accident-related permanent disabilities and up to S$300 per day for hospitalisation, Chubb ensures you’re in safe hands financially.

Key Benefits

Coverage of up to S$150,000 in the event of death due to an accident
Coverage of up to S$300,000 in the event of permanent disability due to an accident
Hospitalisation fund of up to S$300 per day
Up to S$1,000 reimbursement for the replacement of money and important documents in the event of theft of wallet and handbag

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Policy terms and conditions apply.

Case Study

A Smart Life Builder policyholder met with a road traffic accident on his way to work. The unfortunate accident resulted in the permanent loss of vision, 28 days of confinement in hospital as well as hefty medical expenses. He received a total benefit payout of S$310,900 from this policy. If he had not had a comprehensive personal accident plan in place, the impact of this financial burden would be greater.

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