We can’t put out a fire in your home,
but we can extinguish your worries.

An overloaded electrical outlet. A poorly disposed cigarette. An unattended cooking pot. Each month, over 200 residential fires break out due to carelessness or neglect.*

Is your home at a higher risk of catching fire than you think?

Your home is your sanctuary – a place which holds precious memories and the things you treasure. As you become successful, you’ve probably invested time and money to furnish your home with the things you love. Don’t let your efforts go up in flames without comprehensive protection in place.

Chubb’s Masterpiece insurance protects the space you live in, by covering up to 200% rebuilding cost of the sum insured for landed homes, and the full cost of replacing your contents if a fire breaks out in your home. It’s not just about fire protection either. Masterpiece also covers your home for damage from other unforeseen circumstances like burst water pipes and water seepage caused by thunderstorms.

Key Benefits

Up to 200% rebuilding cost of the total sum insured for landed homes
Covers accidental fire incidents due to over-charging or short circuit of electric appliances
Covers damage to home contents caused by natural catastrophes

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Policy terms and conditions apply.

Case Study

A Masterpiece policyholder experienced a fire that broke out in his study room while charging his phone. Although the fire was contained, the episode resulted in damage to a set of furniture, an art piece, the walls and marble floors of the room. The cost to replace the set of furniture was S$30,000, restoration works that went into restoring the art piece amounted to S$6,000, re-polishing of the marble flooring and re-painting of the walls costed S$2,000. He submitted a claim and Chubb paid out a total of S$38,000 under the Masterpiece Home and Contents cover.

Protect your high valued home and assets

It will be too late when you realise that you are not adequately insured. Contact us to find out how we can help you protect your valuable possession.