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While secondment to another country is an exciting career move for you or your employees, it calls for an effective insurance protection plan for when you’re abroad. This plan is a comprehensive, customisable group accident and health company insurance with coverage and benefits that can be tailored to your needs. That way, you can confidently focus on building your career.

Coverage Highlights

What it covers
  • When employees are outside their normal country of residence for periods longer than 180 days
  • Expenses in employee’s normal country of residence including Home Leave
  • 24-hour protection while employees are working on an overseas assignment as well as when they’re in their normal country of residence

One of the best features of Chubb’s Overseas Secondment travel insurance for companies is that its accident and health liability coverage and benefits are customisable. Simply select the accident and health insurance benefits and liability insurance coverage amount you wish to provide to your executives on business travel, and we’ll help you put together a suitable programme. Other benefits include:

  • Full 24-hour protection while seconded overseas
  • Wide selection of plans
  • No medical examination required
  • Cover can be extended to your offices worldwide
  • Group size can be as small as 2 employees


  • Chubb is not able to quote for Overseas Secondment Insurance unless Group Personal Accident Insurance or Business Travel Insurance is currently in force via the Accident & Health department. Please refer to your insurance representative (insurance broker or agent) for further enquiries.

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