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Three advantages of buying single shipment insurance online

It’s Friday evening. Your shipment is due to leave the country the next morning for its destination. You suddenly remember that you have yet to purchase insurance for your cargo, but it is already after office hours. Does this sound familiar?

Insurance is probably one of those things that you tend to forget until the last hour. However, it takes just one significant incident of cargo loss or damage to impact your ability to operate. Moreover, such incidences occur in international transportation more often than you might imagine.

What is Shipment insurance?

Shipment insurance protects your goods against physical loss or damage while in transit by sea, air or land. Shipment insurance is purchased on a per shipment basis, and thus only covers a single shipment. Businesses that make infrequent domestic or international shipments would typically opt for single shipment insurance.

So, what can you do if you’re caught in the situation above? The answer is Chubb’s Single Shipment insurance. Chubb's Single Shipment insurance is available for purchase online anytime, anywhere.

Here are three advantages of buying your shipment insurance online:

1. Get an insurance quote instantly

Buying shipment insurance online puts you in control of the insurance purchase.

With internet access on your laptop or smartphone, you can now obtain instant cover round the clock, no matter where you are. Choose and confirm your cover in a few clicks and you’re all set!

This means you can get insurance even on Friday evenings or over the weekend, outside of the business hours of your insurance broker/advisor.

2. Reduce your insurance costs and don’t forget to protect the environment

Buying shipment insurance online can help you obtain a more affordable premium. As an importer or exporter, it might be more cost effective to purchase insurance on a per shipment basis.

Plus, you can also do your bit for the environment. With a digital insurance process, you no longer need to print the policy documents. Chubb’s Single Shipment insurance provides you with password protected accounts and certificates which can be issued or retrieved instantly online. 

3. Simplicity and efficiency

Receive your quote instantly by email, confirm your cover and complete payment online by credit or debit card. Buying your insurance online will increase your efficiency and reduce the delay in obtaining and binding your policy.

Enjoy greater convenience when purchasing cover for your next shipment as data is stored and can be easily retrieved, saving you time on data re-entry. Your insurance policy can also be managed online and shared with your customers and logistics providers.

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