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Masterpiece Client Profiling

Your clients have worked hard for their successes but have you ever thought about what they would do if an unforeseen incident happen to them?

How would their home, lifestyle and assets of deep significance be impacted? The house they live in, the hobbies they enjoy, the possessions they have purchased or even that precious heirloom passed down to them from generation to generation.

These are the kinds of things that would need to be properly protected and with Masterpiece® – a bespoke lifestyle policy, your clients can be assured of the level of protection they deserve.

To find out more on how your clients can protect their home and lifestyle, check out the stories below featuring stories from our Masterpiece clients*.

*Names have been changed.

Story 1

Protecting their lifestyle and the things they treasure

Being financially successful allows your clients to appreciate the finer things in life – rare wines, designer clothing, antiques, jewellery and more. As they acquire these valuables, such lifestyle choices become an integral part of their lives.

They would take great care curating collections they call their own, but how often do they think of protecting them?

Meet Rachel:

Persona 1 - Rachel's Story

Rachel's Story

Story 2

Protecting their valuables and safekeep their memories

Jewellery, watches and bags are valuable possessions, a part of your clients' life stories. These items may have been handed down to them generation after generation. Losing these valuables can feel like losing an important part of themselves.

These valuables hold so much sentimental worth, but are your clients protecting them sufficiently?

Meet John and Tricia:

Story 3

Protecting their cashflow and safeguard their golden years

Golden years is the best time to pamper ourselves and enjoy life to the fullest. Whether it is investing in a new house, indulging in the lifestyle habits or taking a round-the-world trip, your clients would need adequate cash liquidity to make their retirement a reality.

They've worked hard in their younger days, but are your clients doing enough to safeguard their cashflow for a comfortable retirement?

Meet Ian and Kylie:

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