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 Individuals and Families

Accident and Health Insurance

If your own peace of mind depends on the welfare of the people that matter to you, you need to count on a reliable insurance to keep things in order. Chubb helps you to feel as calm as you want your people to feel.



  • In case of Accident or Illness, we have a wide variety of coverages such as accidental death and dismemberment, Permanent or Total Disability, Broken bones, Hospitalization, Organ Transplant, Medical Expenses coverage, Cancer and other serious illnesses.
  • Our domestic and international travel assistance program is designed to satisfy traveler’s demands with 3 options specially made to fit different personal and family needs and provide the protection and immediate service to travel with peace of mind.
  • Individual or Family coverage, which allows your family to have all the benefits.
  • Unlike traditional policies of reimbursement for treatments, our compensation is a single payment “Lump Sum” that is delivered in a check payable to the insured.
  • 24 hours / 365 days worldwide protection
  • Additional protection to any other policy or health insurance
  • Plans available for people up to 65 years of age with permanency option up to 85 years.


  • Immediate financial support at the time you might need it most
  • No medical examinations
  • For your convenience, the monthly premium will be billed directly to the account of your choice
  • Claim process agile and simple
  • Access to a personalized and specialized team of professionals


  • Companies
  • Professional groups
  • Trade Associations
  • Labor unions

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