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Whether you need to cover the risks of maritime or land transport, Chubb gives you specialized coverage to protect the different merchandise that you ship and/or dispatch, as well as the securities that you must transport from one place to another.



  • We protect your cargo providing coverage against damages and losses. 
  • We can also cover you against financial losses, provided these are caused by a delay in the start-up of commercial operations due to a claim.


  • Insurance for imports, exports and national traffic
  • Insurance of works of art 
  • Consequential loss insurance for infrastructure projects 
  • Cargo insurance for carriers.


  • Thanks to our financial soundness, we are a very strong insurer and have an A++ from A.M. Best. 
  • When designing your coverage, we make decisions at a global level but our experience and the support we give you is international. 
  • We have risk and loss prevention, control and management services. 
  • Using our online platform, you can issue insurance certificates for each one of your shipments.


  • Generators of cargo 
  • Transporters of cargo 
  • Carriers 
  • Importers 
  • Exporters 
  • Others

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