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What we look for

Growth opportunities

A leader in the industry, Chubb is aware of the value of its people and will continue to attract, develop, reward and hold on to the best professionals with an interest in and superior experience in the industry.

What we look for

  • Professionals willing to invest in their development, with passion, initiative and commitment, willing to continue to grow and highly adaptable and flexible in the face of change and particularly with a CAN DO attitude.
  • Professionals focused on developing skills and broadening their experience in the insurance industry.
  • We want to know about your focus on results, to what extent you are compatible with our culture and your desire to continue to grow.
  • As a multinational organization operating in a diverse region, we value fluidity in more than one language.

Professionals with experience

We are a dynamic company in constant growth. Chubb offers opportunities and challenges to experienced professionals wishing to continue investing in their development.

We have a wide range of specialist functions and areas, such as Property, Casualty, Accidents and Health, Life, Reinsurance, Personal Insurance Products as well as Underwriting, Claims, Operations, Technology, Finances, Risks, Actuarial, Human Resources and Legal, among others.

Eary Career Development Program

Our Early Career Development Program helps young professionals to learn, grow and succeed in this challenging and fast-paced environment. The opportunities we offer allow them to develop their abilities, exposing them to a professional work environment and to develop a broad understanding of the roles involved in the insurance business.

If you wish to submit your CV to be considered for any of our available positions, please write to the email address of the respective country: 










Puerto Rico