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Value to our customers and employees

Brand Identity

Who we are. The attributes that characterizes us derive from a Higher Technical Skills:

  • Superior Craftsmanship.

  • Superior Underwriting.

  • Superior Service.

  • Superior Execution.

The way we operate considers:

  • Excellence in all we do.

  • Constant improvement.

  • Think globally, act locally.

  • A can-do attitude.

Customer Value Proposition

What value we offer as a business:

  • A disciplined approach to risk-taking and excellence in conceptualizing and managing risk.

  • Deep customer thinking.

  • Quality work and unparalleled service to our customers and agents.

To achieve these values, we work with:

  • Keen attention to detail and superior technical proficiency.

  • Deliberate use of analytics to inform underwriting decisions and drive profitability.

  • Speed without compromising quality.

  • Results orientation – get it done.

Employee Value Proposition

What we offer our employees:

  • Entrepreneurial culture that rewards execution and initiative.

  • An inclusive meritocracy where anyone with expertise, passion and discipline to deliver results can achieve success.

  • Greater career opportunities.

These objectives are achieved with:

  • Individuals with a committed discipline to their craft.

  • Strong work ethic and accountability.

  • Leaders set the tone – work harder than others.

  • Leaders recognize and reward high performance.

  • Leaders and managers build diverse and inclusive work teams.